Bazinga 4 Mac 7.0

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Bazinga is a Mac App to turn any web site, web page or web app into a quick and clean mac app. This allows you to access your favorite web sites quickly and easily without relying on your web browser which could crash at any time. Unlike Fluid or Prism which allow users to create Site Specific Browsers, Bazinga 4 Mac is designed for web masters to push web apps to the Mac Desktop. However Bazinga 4 Mac is easy enough for the average I'm a Mac person to customize ;-) Best of all it is completely free for you to create as many Site Specific Browser Apps as you like. With the feature you can turn long URLs into short app names and even track clicks from your app.

Last Updated:2010-10-01 23:11:18
File size:8.48MB
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OS:Mac OS X, Mac Other

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